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WeWork is a platform that empowers small businesses to succeed by making them more connected with each other. Our services make running a small business easier and allow freelancers and entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best. Our people, our work space & our technology are all dedicated to inspiring creativity, productivity and innovation. We constantly strive to make meeting new people and having interesting conversations seem obvious, natural and effortless.

WeWork members are thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs, & innovators. Together they are an endless source of energy – which we collect and utilize to benefit them in as many ways as possible. Our ability to aggregate their needs enables us to offer them a variety of support services at a value that would otherwise be unavailable to them. We always go the extra mile to help them in their effort to build sustainable businesses and successful lives.

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A month of triumphs!!!

As a shy person and somewhat of an introvert it has always been a challenge for me when it comes to speaking. I was a member of Toastmasters for a while but it didn’t curve my anxiety when it comes to public speaking. Even one on one interaction became slightly impossible for fear of messing up or just simple rejection. In the end I became withdrawn and reclusive.

Within the past few years I’ve experienced a few highs and lows.  In 2013 Emerald Star Cleaning LLC a janitorial business I created from scratch had to be shut down and even though it disappointed me dissolving the business was a positive start for the next chapter in my life. Not long after closing Emerald I decided to create my first blog called !Tinico Talks! (www.tinicotalks.tumblr.com) to give people insight on what I’ve learned as an entrepreneur. Less than a year later I created another blog this time more personal called Cotiworld (www.cotiworld.tumblr.com). Both blogs have become a labor of love and I enjoy the positive feeling both give me.

In August of 2014 I chose to take things offline and host workshops for both blogs. Doing this would not only help my blogs but challenge me to come out of my comfort zone and present something that means the world to me. Instantly I made a rundown of how both event should take place and sent evites. Next I reserved space for the upcoming month at the Dorothy Height library and Culture Coffee eatery respectively. My dreams were definitely coming true!!

Now that September is coming to a close I can say I that I am extremely proud for accomplishing a goal set long ago. Both events went well and I couldn’t be happier. These made me feel triumphant and confident that I’m able to conquer my fears and reach new heights!!!

Food for the mind!!!

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny- C.S. Lewis